OnlinePay is an online wallet for social payments, instant shopping, account top‑up. It is a perfect application for sharing money with friends for dinner fast and easily, paying for purchases or transfer money to friends across the world securely and momentarily.
Fast & Secure: have dinner with friends and conveniently split the bill, make a charity donation direct to the person, collect, request and send money in any daily situation.
Shop & Pay Services: almost any transaction for instant shopping, donate directly to sponsors or pay for everyday coffee with a friend.
Mood Indicators: send money with emoji! Attach your mood and add expressions to transactions; have fun sharing — always.
24/7 Support: we really do care about your financial security, and we’re always available if there’s anything we can do to simplify your user experience.
OnlinePay wallet keeps all personal and card details data encrypted. Legislative defense for all users focused on anti‑fraud automated system development and security frameworks are enforced by the in‑house review panel and anti‑laundering committee.
You can use OnlinePay wallet to pay for purchases in online shops that are connected to our system or use it for transfer funds. Look for OnlinePay wallet in shops' payment methods!
You need to open web-version of the wallet or download our applications for IOS and Android and enter your phone number. You will receive a confirmation code to get access to your personal wallet account. Please, enter valid personal information as it can not be changed after.
Sometimes it takes time to receive sms-code in some countries. Also make sure you select country code from the list correctly and check entered phone number.
Unfortunately, there is no option to change personal information.
To withdraw money you need to apply for account verification by documents. You should follow the instructions written step by step in your account: fill personal information and upload necessary documents. After they are verified you will receive a notification and will be able to withdraw funds to your bank card.
To apply for account verification procedure you need to upload pictures of documents:
Selfie with ID;
Proof of address.
Note, that we accept only ID that has MRZ-code as this part is verified by the machine.
All you need to do is to Top up wallet and fill necessary information about your bank card.
To link a new bank card to your account you need to delete previously linked card and top up wallet. Then you will be redirected to bank card verification procedure where necessary documents about your bank card should be uploaded. After they are verified you will receive a notification and will be able to top up with new card.
To apply for bank card verification procedure you need to upload pictures of documents:
Bank card — masked (first 6 digits and last 4 digits are visible, the rest are hidden);
Selfie with masked bank card.
No. Cardholder name must match with yours. Otherwise transaction will be declined.
There is no conversion in our wallet. You can link different cards for every currency.
We will add this option in future. Now you can withdraw money only to linked bank card.
Application can be declined by different reasons as uploaded documents must meet strict requirements to provide safe product to all users. If your application is declined, you receive a letter with explanation. Please follow the instructions and upload appropriate pictures of documents in your wallet account.
You can find answers to frequently asked questions in the OnlinePay wallet FAQ. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact our Customer Support Service Kindly recommend you to send e-mail using mail linked to your wallet account so that our team member could help you faster.

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