Accept crypto payments to grow your business

With Onlinepay, business can easily accept crypto payments. 

Crypto Payment

Crypto payment gateway

Crypto Payement

Tap into the Trillion dollar Crypto Market.

OnlinePay empowers enterprises and merchant networks to efficiently capture opportunities in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency market, currently valued at $2 trillion and projected to expand by 20-30% annually over the next decade.

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$2 Trillion
Overall cryptocurrency market value.
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Expected yearly growth of the cryptocurrency market.
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7+ Million
Daily cryptocurrency transactions.
Crypto Payment

Support for dozens of cryptocurrencies


Access process

Submit KYB access information
Register merchant account
Integrating crypto payment
Start receiving the payments on OnlinePay
Our platform converts the fiat price of the product into the selected crypto price and navigates them to the payment page.
Fund settlement from OnlinePay to your account
Daily system will be out of the previous day's statement transfer, transfer the merchant balance will increase, and you can withdraw cash at any time.

Are You Prepared to Embrace Crypto Payments?

  • Handling Fee: 1%
  • Transaction processing fee: 0.3U
  • Refund Processing Fee: 0.5U
  • Settlement currency: USD&USDT
  • Settlement cycle: T+1, greater than 5000U settlement
  1. Customer chooses to pay with crypto
  2. OnlinePay gateway calculates the price in the selected cryptocurrency and provide crypto payment page for the customer
  3. Once we have processed the payment, we automatically exchange it if needed and send it to merchant wallet