GiftCard & CryptoCard

Discover the Versatile OnlinePay CardPass.


Crypto Card


Gift Card

Send cryptocurrencies and fiat effortlessly using the OnlinePay Gift Card, allowing for seamless exchanges and gifting.
Ideal for any occasion, OnlinePay Gift Card is the perfect choice for cryptocurrency gifts.

Gift Card Use Cases

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Facilitate Transfer
Facilitate crypto transfers internationally by redeeming Gift Cards for cash or other supported payment methods.
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Resell Gift Cards
Help users to buy crypto with their preferred payment method and make crypto deposits on OnlinePay easily.
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Loyalty Reward
Distribute a crypto gift to staff, or have customers redeem points for crypto with OnlinePay Gift Card

Start your Crypto Business Solution

Our API enables easy transfer of crypto, allowing for a variety of use cases such as GiftCard reselling, loyalty rewards, e-commerce, and more.