OnlinePay was founded in 2014 in Singapore and has now grown with global popularity as an innovate online payment solution. Our methods are convenient, secure and low-cost. Businesses and professionals in both developed and emerging markets can now pay and get paid globally easy as they do locally.

Protection: Legislative defense for all users is focused on anti-fraud automated system development. Due diligence is foremost within the OnlinePay Safe & Secure protection community. Security frameworks are enforced by the in-house review panel and anti-laundering committee. We believe in safe and secure friends’ shared spaces.


About the project

The project has an Asian region start and now is growing throughout the mobile payment market worldwide with strong focus on Asia, Middle-East and Africa.

Project OnlinePay develops and provides product where personalized multi-purposed online wallet meets a convenient checkout solution optimized for merchant’s needs via useful integration.

We are regularly reviewing current infrastructure solutions, significantly developing the functionality and scaling current one.

About us

The core of our IT service quality is based on people who work together and help each other out in difficult situations. We are sure that the hardest task can be solved by effective communication, suddenly arisen skills and brainstorm. We bet on conscious professionals, who is aiming at big results and success of the product, and welcome ambitious people interested in self- and career development.

We appreciate initiative people and through events, opportunities and team work support them on their way to take a strong stand in IT profession.

Now we are at the stage of active project development and set innovative and interesting goals for developers. Allocated business team is spread within Singapore, Moscow and Hague offices.

What we do have

Unlimited opportunities for growth, career development and initiative manifestation.

Absolutely legal work governed under the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.

You can recommend your friends to join our team and contribute to e-commerce business. We appreciate helpful recommendations and employees’ experience.

Our development team is in Moscow, Moscow City, City of Towers. 5 minutes from the metro stations «Vistovochnaya», «Mezhdunarodnaya» and «Business Center».

Want to know more? Just ask us about it!

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