Our application program interface is simply a preference selection tool leading to a copy and paste process. Developers of all levels can select the preferred coding adaptation to suit the website. For the white label web users, we have also incorporated a simple HTML code which can be copied and pasted anywhere into a website to begin accepting payments. Coders can choose from Python, Ruby on Rails, PHP, GoLang and full Java integration. Our fees can be easily found by navigating the pages along with a dedicated sandbox area for examples of best practice integration.

SHOWCASING M‑Wallets primarily began as a person to person wallet where daily stigma between friends counting cash and splitting the bill was at times somewhat of an awkward event. To alleviate this we designed an application which allows users to share money with ease. This concept matured and expanded given our position of regulation within the financial sector with monetary associations; soon became a leading payment service provider for merchants accepting payments across Asia. With our history dating back to foundations in Singapore; we ventured into several nearby markets grabbing social media by storm.


The teams of developers, specialists, customer service, designers, and senior level staff all corresponding with focus groups from around the world. The team’s individuals are a culmination of professionals from all walks of life — contributing to the progression of the application. With segmented divisions which focus strictly on one single field, the areas of business include gaming, charity, social services and most of all, consumer safety and protection.

opportunity & policy provides the following services for users:

• Multicurrency payment processing (EUR, USD, CNY), that includes services for processing Visa/MasterCard/CUP payment schemes and cards.
• Direct debit transactions and «merchant to client» payout.
• Transaction settlement (within 7 days).
• Runtime monitoring and merchant notifications about successful or failed transactions.
• Technical solution for seamless integration, including API endpoints.
• Online support facilities (phone, e‑mail, mobile messengers).

Fee policy:

• Service fee is initially 2.9% per transaction, and going down progressively with the growth of your revenue.
• takes no fees for refunds and failed transactions.
• All fees related to chargebacks, disputes, claims should be covered by the merchant.

The Product additional services:

• Merchant name is promoted in mobile application within the list of services.