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Escort your business

Support mainstream payment methods such as credit cards, e-wallets and POS machines, and multiple national currencies.
Security and Risk Control
Integrated fraud detection and prevention system protection, transaction security protection, and risk management to protect your business.
Powerful and Simple
Create a frictionless payment system that enhances the customer experience and increases conversion rates to create a great business experience.
Expert Support
Our team of technical support experts, chargeback management experts, and operations experts help you complete each step.
Global Payment Processing

Payment Gateway


Web3 Service



E-commerce industry

  • Online pay will provide merchants with all the tools they need to accept payments from global customers, minimize fraud through risk control, and optimize the payment process to give consumers a better online shopping experience.

Game Industry

Our payment solutions allow you to adapt to the changing purchasing needs of players across multiple platforms and integrate customizable payment processes to meet the challenges of multi-end game payment scenarios.


Integration of multiple payment methods

With Online pay, you can easily integrate the leading online payment methods and provide your customers with more options.


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