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The perfect mobile app for social payments, instant shopping, account top‑up.
who we are briefly about us
Onlinepay was founded in 2014 in Singapore and has now grown with global popularity throughout the mobile payment market. specializes in social money transfers where friends accross the world can securely transfer or share money together momentarily. This multi‑purpose iOS app also makes it possible and convenient to pay for online purchases while topping up your trading and gaming accounts. It is a perfect application for instant shopping where users can pay or send money without revealing their card details or sensitive information.

Protection: Legislative defence for all users focused on anti‑fraud automated system development. Due diligence is foremost within the OnlinePay Safe & Secure protection community. Security frameworks are enforced by the in‑house review panel and anti‑laundering committee. We believe in safe and secure friend sharing spaces.
Top Five reasons to choose us
Fast & Secure: have dinner with friends and conveniently split the bill, make a charity donation direct to the person, collect, request and send money in any daily situation.
Shop & Pay Services: almost any transaction from instantshopping to gaming top ups, donate directly to sponsors or pay for everyday coffee with a friend.
Mood Indicators: sendmoney with emoji! Attach your mood and add expressions to  transactions; have fun sharing — always.
Custom Sales Page: make use of dedicated app space just for you! Kickstart a business with simplicity and start earning money — sell anything you want in your own dedicated app space.
24/7 Live Chat Support: we really do care about your financial security, and we’re always available if there’s anything we can do to simplify your user experience.

Personalized M‑Wallet

Split the bill easily — transfer money in few seconds!
Free to download, fast operating system and convenient design for on the go social sharing
Dedicated app space for retailers and anyone who wants to advertise
Bank integration using OnlinePay Safe & Secure protection services
We offer a competitive transaction fee — the best solution in the payment market

Social payments

Social payments have grown within the past years, though not all services satisfy customers needs. We provide a simple application with safe environment and additional features relevant to all users.


We cooperate with best‑in‑class processing parties to bring you the high‑level service. Our aim is to offer person to person money sharing to companies of  all sizes — equal opportunity to benefit from low cost transactions

OFFER offers 3 convenient services: you can split the bill, borrow or share money. Instant shopping, or instant selling? Easy! Top up your account, or upgrade your gaming profile in  less than 20 seconds!